...e esgravata.

segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2009

consciência ecológica.

Trocar os aquecedores, agasalhos, meias e collants incómodos por um twist no Jack Rabbit Slims até escaldarmos os pés na pista de dança, juntos.

My Name's Breezy, Make the Girl Dance * Physical, The Glimmers* Tricky - Puppy Toy* And Then He Kissed Me, Flying Lizards * Baby (Deep Soul 45), Phenomenal Handclap Band * Scientist of Love, Jessie Evans * Ready for the Floor, Lissy Trullie (Hot Chip Cover) *Love Comes Close, Cold Cave* Kelly Watch The Stars, Air (Moog Cookbook Remix)* Infinity, The XX.


I'll Never Let You Go, 24 Carat Black * Moving-Grooving, Little Francisco Greaves [Panama!3]* Other End, Vega * You never can tell (C'est la vie), Chuck Berry* Heart of Soul, Northern Soul*You're the top - Cary Grant & Ginny Simms * In the Mood , Glenn Miller * I Wish, Stevie Wonder * Let's stay together, All Green * Yummy Yummy Yummy, Julie London * Sugar, Lee Wiley & Eddie Condon * Fever, Peggy Lee * Let's Get Lost, Chet Baker * Changes, Cymande * Loving you, Minnie Riperton * Sexual Healing, Marvin Gaye * Move on up, The Jam * Here's a Star, Neon Indian * Watching The Planets, The Flaming Lips* Feel it all around, Washed Out * Two Dancers, Wild Beasts * Doing It Right video, The Go! Team* Game Is My Middle Name, Betty Davis * Make the feeling go away, Billie Davis * Surprise Hotel, Fool's Gold,(Memory Tapes Remix) * Bonnie & Clyde, Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg * Lover, Lover, Lover, Leonard Cohen * Superstar, Sonic Youth * Let's Ride, Gonzales * Outta Space, Jimi Tenor * Cosmological Constancy, Kelley Pollar * Des étoiles electroniques, Stereolab * Désir, désir, Vincent Delerm & Irène Jacob * Beat No. 3, Ennio Morricone * Le Soleil Est Près De Moi, Air* Collapsing at your doorstep, Air France * Catavento, Dave Grusin* You make me weak at the knees, Electrelane* Me I Say Yes, Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu*The Call of the Wild, Jimi Tenor.

-.. - -..

__________________________________________________________________________Made off, don't stray. Well, my kind's your kind, I'll stay the same . Pack up don't stray. Oh, say, say, say. Wait.

4 comentários:

Kika V. disse...

ela voltou!
e como sempre, uma delícia!

jaz.mim_tu... aqui. disse...

kika, shall we dance?


[saudades tuas]

jaz.mim_tu... aqui. disse...

andei semi-escondida, por aqui:


Kika V. disse...

yes, dear, we shall..

saudade tb.

e já bisbilhotando seu semi-esconderijo!

jaz.mim_tu... aqui, deixara de o ser.

à espreita de fa|c|to & gravata.