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quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2009

honey, don't cry for nothing. i'm home...

"The Awful Truth", 1937;
Leo McCarey.

my sweet 'cotton club' mood:

____________________________"El Perro", Juana Molina--_..¨¨ "Good Morning Heartache", Billie Holiday-.._- "Wake", The Antlers-_---..¨¨ "Norway" Beach House-_--.. "Mary", Taxi Taxi!-_--..¨¨ "I sing, I swim", Seabear-_..¨¨ "Ev'ry time we say goodbye", Nina Simone--..¨"Down the steps", Hope Sandoval_ ¨¨-.. --
"Come Rain Or Come Shine",The Bill Evans Trio -_..._¨¨ "
Umbrella Man", Dizzy Gillespie & Louis Armstrong_¨¨...- "It's Raining", Irma Thomas -_..._¨¨ "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg"[Jacques Demy], Michel Legrand_...-- "Love will tear us apart", Susanna and The Magical Orchestra_...--¨. "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues", Nina Simone -..."November", Tom Waits_--..--¨. "Yesterday is here", Mantel Band (or. Tom Waits)---..¨¨ "Insónia", Tiago Sousa_...¨¨--

"Le Tourbillon de la Vie"[J&J de François Truffaut], Jeanne Moureau-..¨-.

"I'll Never Let You Go", 24 Carat Black_...--¨..

"Moving-Grooving", Little Francisco Greaves [Panama!3]_...--¨.

"Nothing Matters When we're dancing"-.._--¨¨ Magnetic Fields

"Dancing with the one you love", Ducktails_...--¨.

"Build Voice", Dan Deacon_..--¨.

"Walkabout", Atlas Sound & Noah Lenox_--..¨.

"My Boys", Taken By Trees-¨¨--.

"Eros"[Michelangelo Antonioni], Caetano Veloso_...--.

"Nature Boy", Jon Hassell & Ronu Majumdar_...--¨¨..

"Evening Land", Jan Garbarek & Mari Boine_...--¨-¨

"This Aching Deal", Shoking Pinks---..¨¨

"The Build Up", Kings of Convenience & Leslie Feist-..---.

"You've Got the Love", Florence and The Machine & The XX --¨¨.

"Dull to Pause", Junior Boys---_-¨¨

"Neon Beanbag", Stereolab-_...¨

"Light trough the veins", Jon Hopkins-...¨¨

"Islands", The XX --_--..

"Lover", Nite Jewel _...¨¨--

"Overnight", Gonzales_-..¨¨--

"It's on everything", Akira Kosemura---_¨¨

"Dog Song", Mountain Man--.._--¨¨

__________________________________________________________________________________Down the steps, fast asleep, wake up, make us some tea...

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luminary disse...

Ressurection Mary!:D

jaz.mim_tu... aqui. disse...


jaz.mim_tu... aqui, deixara de o ser.

à espreita de fa|c|to & gravata.