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terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

my sweet cotton club mood.

Nothing like you has ever been seen before, nothing like you existed in days of yore
never were lips so kissable, never were eyes so bright, I can’t believe it possible
that you bring me such delight. Nothing can match the rapture of your embrace
nothing can catch, the magic that’s in your face

You’re like a dream come true, something completely new , nothing like you has ever been seen before nothing like you, nothing like you has ever been mine before

I’ve known but none so divine before, no one has your magnificence, who can describe your charms, I’d like to make my residence forever in your arms. I never knew, how wonderful life could be no one but you, could ever do this to me. Call me a fool in love, one thing I’m certain of
nothing like you has ever been seen before . Nothing like you.


Nothing Like You, Miles Davis & Bob Dorough* Let's Go Everywhere, Medeski, Martin & Wood* Outer Space, Julia Marcell* Carousel, Julia Marcell*Let's Get Out Of This Country, Camera Obscura* It's Boring You Can Live Anywhere You Want, YACHT* Sinnerman, Leon Bibb ['La Joven',1960,Luis Buñuel]* Palhaço, Egberto Gismonti* The Girl From Ipanema, Astrud Gilberto* How Do You Feel, Evie Sands* Mountain Dance, Dave Gruisin* Catavento, Dave Grusin* Voilà, Françoise Hardi* Bonita, David Ferreira Joana Rios* No Love Lost, Joy Division* Puttin on the Ritz, Clark Gable* Fool's Gold, Lhasa de Sela* Side Effects of Growing Up, Julia Marcell* Cottonflower, Moriarty* Romeo, Dawn Landes* Toy Piano, Dawn Landes* Happy Time, Tim Buckley* Piece of My Heart, Janis Joplin* Testimony, The Phenomenal Handclap Band * Baby (Deep Soul 45), The Phenomenal Handclap Band* You Got It, Roy Orbison* Candy Man, Roy Orbison* Tennessee Waltz, Sam Cooke* Naked If I Want To, Cat Power* Crazy bout my baby, Tom Waits*

Taxi Cab, Vampire Weekend-...--¨¨
Diplomat's Son, Vampire Weekend-...--¨¨
Montego Bay, St. Germain
La Goutte d'or, St. Germain
Se por acaso, JP Simões e Luanda Cozetti
La Toillete des Étoilles, Belle Chase Hotel
O Desamor, B Fachada
Só te falta seres mulher, B Fachada
Sweet dreams baby, Roy Orbison & Friends
Candy Man, Roy Orbison
Sugar Baby, Dock Boggs
Teimoso, Samuel Úria
American Haiku, Jack Kerouac
Salangadou, Robbie Basho
Tryst with Mephistopheles, Owen Pallet


Buio Omega, Syntaks
Blue Sunshine, Syntaks
Sweet Love For Planet Earth, Fuck Buttons
July Flame, Laura Veirs
Amina, Sweet Billy Pilgrim,
Robbie's Song, Peter Broderick,
High Knoll, Ryan Teague
A Quiet Moment, Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate


You Don't Know Like I Know, Keith & Billie Davis
Theme From Cleopatra Jones, Joe Simon
24000 baci, Slavko Stimac
La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser, Sylvie Vartan
Cantiga de Amigo, B Fachada
Teimoso, Samuel Úria
Selfish Gene, Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen,
Peach Plum Pear, Joanna Newsom
Hymne à l'amour, My Brightest Diamond
Dragonfly,My Brightest Diamond
Transit, Christian Fennesz & David Sylvian
On A Highway, Animal Collective
Anarchy In The UK ( Stand by me) Chances R feat. Dave Longstreth [a d o r á v e l a d o r á v e l a d o r á v e l a d o r á v e l a d o r á v e l ]
Stars, The XX
Shout, The Shangri-Las


Jungle Madness,Gene Krupa
One Word, Brian Eno + John Cale

Zebra, Beach House
Lover of Mine,Beach House ---.... _---¨¨
Better Times,Beach House
All I Think 0f, Taxi! Taxi!Heads Up, Karen O And The Kids
This Is A Mans World, James Brown---...---....¨¨¨¨...

Idle Dreams, George Gershwin

Fotografia de Olaf Martens da série Cooking Chocolate.

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Anônimo disse...

São coisas do Mundo
Retalhos da Vida
São coisas de qualquer lugar
Mas se eu fico mudo
Este mundo imundo
É capaz tentar me tentar mudar

flor-de-laranja disse...

play it again.

jaz.mim_tu... aqui, deixara de o ser.

à espreita de fa|c|to & gravata.